The 5 portwines you get to taste and love

|| These notes are made by PortRebels in corporation with Rita from the Martha’s family. She let us taste all the different varieties of the port wines at there estate. After our meeting we were drunk, too late for our dinner but happy for sure  ||

Grape varieties
Touriga Nacional | Touriga Franca | Tinta Barroca | Tinto Cão | Tinta Amarela, Tinta Roriz ||

Martha’s PINK Port
Blend of red grapes | the skins are with a maximum of 48 hours in contact with the liquid | aged in stainless steel tanks | ruby style port | fresh | cocktails favorite ||

Martha’s Tawny Port Wine

Average 4 years age | amber color | dried dark fruit | try it chilled on your balcony or garden in the summer sun ||

Martha’s Special Reserve Tawny Port
6/7 year aged on oak casks | deep tawny color | nutty | toasty | smells like small hazelnuts | does it remind you of Haagsche Hopjes or is it Wybertjes for you? ||

Martha’s 20 year Old Tawny Port
Average 20 years aged in french oak | amber tawny color | nutty aromas | jewel of the Martha’s family | soft | well-balanced | you start to understand why PortRebels is a fan of port wine ||

Martha’s 30 years old Tawny Port
Average 30 years aged in oak | gold amber color | dried fruit and honey | velvet on your tong | find a hint of green color | rich taste | a port wine to drink on your own so you can maximize the sensation – still on the boat? try it at home ||

This is it
If you are still sober enough to read these notes | you should ask for more port wine | if there still is of course ;)

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